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Final Exams Schedule and Expectations


Final examinations will be administered during a block schedule on December 19 and December 20.  Please review and adhere to the following expectations.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding this information visit with your evaluating administrator. 

·         Final examinations are to be comprehensive in nature,

·         Final examinations are to be administered during the assigned dates,

·         Final examinations should fill the allotted time frame,

·         Final examinations should require students to demonstrate proficiency in skills and standards that reside in the subject matter,

·         Submit the final examination(s) and key to your evaluating administrator by December 18,

·         Students are NOT to be running errands, packing boxes,  or loitering the hallways,

·         Do NOT send your students to the library or collegiate center, (these areas may be in use for pre-arranged absence exam arrangements)

·         Parties are not allowed during this time,

·         Viewing film for pleasure is not allowed.

There is a process in place for those students that may be taking their final examination outside of the designated time frame.  Affected students are to obtain a pre-arranged absence form from the attendance clerks.  Once the student completes the form  it will be submitted to Mr. Vinyard for approval.  Upon his approval the student will make arrangements with the affected teacher(s) to take the exam prior to December 19 and December 20.  DO NOT MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH STUDENTS THAT HAVE NOT FOLLOWED THIS PROCESS.



Grade Justification Document - Special Education Students

Grade Justification Document

Teachers must complete and submit this sheet for IEP or ELAP students who are at risk of failing and submit the sheet to Mrs. Basteri, Edison’s Special Education Coordinator (room 150). This sheet will ensure that all members of our team are aware of the student’s IEP and/or ELAP, that you have made the necessary modifications and/or accommodations outlined in these plans, and that you have made contact with the students parent/guardian and file manager (sped or ELL teacher that arranges IEP/ELAP meetings) concerning performance issues, the students refusal to do/complete work, and/or attendance issues.

News Story - Amber Harrington & Julie Thomas Written by Former Madeline Roper, Former Student


Bell Schedule - Activity Days

Inspirational Video from Mr. Vinyard - Be a Mr. Jensen

Click here to watch the video.

Club Meetings - Activity Days

Club Rosters Activity Days


Thursday, March 5th
Tuesday, March 10th 
4:30 - 7:30 pm

BELL SCHEDULES - 2019-2020



Use this link to share either a concern or something positive about a freshman. This will be shared with the student's mentor to address. Some examples are shown on the form. For questions, contact  Susan Griffin.

 Link Alert/Link Applause Form




Lunch Schedule

Complex Text Databases

Finding complex text for your students can be a challenge. Our librarians have developed an instructional sheet to guide you to the TPS sponsored databases. 

Complex Text Databases Instructional Sheet

HS Club Sponsor Google Form

HS Club Sponsor Google Form

Please fill out the form if you:

A) Already sponsor an existing club 

B) Want to adopt a club that needs a sponsor (African American Club, Creative Writing Club, Key Club, Board Games.)

C) Want to start a new club

Please have this form filled out by the end of the day Monday, August 19. Email Emily Edwards if you have questions. 

Emergency Contact Information Google Form


It's time for the PSAT NMSQT registration.  All sophomores will take the exam on October 30th.  The cost is FREE and mandatory as this serves as a state assessment.  The PSAT NMSQT is the national merit qualifying examination for JUNIORS.  All juniors took this exam October 2018 and have their original exam, answer sheet, and access to preparatory materials.  The cost for any JUNIOR is $18.  Freshman may take the exam for the same fee.  However, all freshman will be taking the PSAT 8/9 during the spring 2020 testing session.

ALL students that are taking this exam (including sophomores) are required to register here: .  This site will also provide each student with relevant documents for preparation.  In addition, this site will provide students with reminders to the cell phone number and email address provided for both parents and students.



Google Sites Instructions (How to Create a Google Site)

Staff Handbook


First Days Back PD PowerPoint

Informational Text Available Through Library

Informational text should be a large component of your curriculum.  Finding text can be overwhelming.  Click on the link above to access wonderful textual information!

The library is here to help with many areas.  Contact Earon Cunningham or Pati Hoffmann for assistance!







Textbook Concerns

If you need to request more books to match your student population, use this form or contact Earon Cunningham 



Community Service Form

HS Uniform Policy

This page contains resources for teachers. To view the teacher directory, please click here.