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Three Edison High School teachers take a group photo during graduation night

Middle School Faculty

6th grade teachers

7th grade teachers

8th grade teachers


special services

Jeanna Branson
Special Services/ED

Lynette Carlson
Special Services/Reading, Language Arts

Shawna Compassi
Special Services/Deaf Ed

Mike Cummins
Special Services/MM

Linda Ford
Special Services/MD

Erin Hoefer
Special Services/Deaf Ed

Susan Livingston
Special Services/MM

Ann L. Moore - Chair

Damaris Portis
Special Services/MD

Julie Reagle
Special Services/ELD

Rebecca Thompson
Special Services


high school faculty

career tech

Tony Daniels
Website Design, Fundamentals of Technology

Derick Jones
Fundamentals of Technology/ Business Foundations

Heidi Gill
Engineering/ Engineering Design

Carolyn Leach - Chair
Desktop Publishing, Fundamentals of Admin. Tech,
Customer Service Business & IT Capstone

Cherri Richman
Fundamentals of Admin. Tech., Fundamentals of Technology


deaf education

fine arts

language arts

Eric Allen
AP Literature, English IV

Larry Cagle
Pre AP English, AP Research & Seminar

Megan Decker
Pre AP English II

Emily Edwards
English III

Suzanne Merrill
Pre AP English I, English IV

Shannon Smith - Chair
AP Language, English III, Creative Writing, Yearbook

Amanda Wann
Pre-AP English II & English II

Josh Wann
English I, II, & III


Priscilla Griggs
Geometry/ Pre-AP Geometry

Nancy Halvey
Intermediate Algreba/ Algebra II

Queta Henderson
Pre-AP Geometry/ Pre-AP Algebra II

Kyler Phillips
Pre-Calculus/ AP Calculus

Carter Scarbrough
AP Statistics/ Statistics and Probability/ Algebra II

Wan U
Algebra I

Angela Winston - Chair


Rodney Cline

Sarah Cox
Environmental Science & Biology

Gerald Griffin
Chemistry & Astronomy & Meteorology

Neil Guard
Physics & AP Physics

Christina Joung
Pre AP Chemistry & Physical Science

Rachel Holt
AP/Pre AP Biology & Anatomy & Physiology

ilana Silva
Pre AP Biology


social sciences

John Adams
AP Psychology, OK History

Chris Burnham
World History, AP World History

Kendra Culp - Chair
AP U.S. History, AP US Government, Street Law

CJ Davison
US History

Corey James
Government, Economics, OK History

David Tomlins
AP Human Geography, AP World History, Military History

Matt Trosper
OK History, Multicultural Studies


special services

Patricia Archie
Multiple Disciplines

Laura Barto
English, Careers, Study Skills

Elisa Bridgeman

Adelina Clonts
Exceptional Student Services

Linda Ford
Special Services

Ann L. Moore - Chair
Work Study Job Training, Credit Recovery

Julie Reagle
Middle and High School ELDs

Jason Rogers
Special Services

Charles Wigington
Algebra I, Geometry



student leadership

world languages

Rolayna Fairley - Chair

Qi Groves

Poppy Kelley