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Joy Scully named Edison Support Professional of the Year

Joy Scully has been selected as the 2023-2024 Edison Prepartory High School Support Professional of the Year!

Joy has been a part of Team Tulsa for 23 years and has spent most of that time at Edison working as an American Sign Language interpreter.

"My main job consists of interpreting in classes for deaf students. I am the lady 'flapping her arms around' and making those funny expressions at the front of the classroom. Deaf students want to join extracurricular activities too: I can be seen interpreting for marching band, track, football, basketball, drama, or maybe even color guard. One of my other duties is scheduling interpreters for all student activities or meetings that a deaf educator may attend," said Joy.

"I am a firm believer that if you want to love your job, you must enjoy the people around you. It makes my heart happy walking the halls during passing time getting to know these educators. They lead amazing lives with intriguing stories. You can’t help but to love them. I’ve worked with a lot of educators over the last 23 years and many of them are still my dear friends."

Outside of work, Joy loves spending time with her family.

"Just three months after graduating from college, I met the sweetest man who had an 11 year old deaf son. He is also fluent in American Sign Language. After 6 weeks of dating he asked me to marry him. We will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary this year," she said. "It wouldn’t be uncommon to see us jumping in the car for a road trip, hiking a trail, then heading to a unique place to eat in that area."