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Edison High School Senior Spotlight: Cayden OneBear

Whether it's center snare, the soccer field, or elite academic competitions, Edison High School’s Cayden OneBear has shown others what hard work and determination can do.

“I just chose I wanted to be the positive role model for my younger siblings, that’s why I really pushed myself to try and be that example for them,” he said.

Cayden is a proud Tulsa Public Schools product. He went to Cooper Elementary, Carver Middle School, and become an Edison Eagle.

“I just liked the environment. I thought that everybody here was cool and the music program seemed like it was great,” he said.

Cayden is a multi-talented musician - marching in the drumline in the fall and playing French horn in concert band. He's also involved in the data club, robotics team, National Honor Society, academic bowl, and soccer.

“Me and his soccer coach were talking about Cayden at the beginning of the year and essentially just said he is one of those kids that is good at everything,” Kyler Phillips said.

Teacher Neil Guard said Cayden’s internal drive helps set him apart.

“His energy adds to whatever situation he is in. The diligence he has in completing assignments and asking questions when he needs to, helping out others, he’s just positive energy in whatever I’ve worked with him in,” Neil said.

Cayden said the competitive atmosphere at Edison helped push him to achieve.

“Super competitive, and that competition really pushed me in school. Not just in the extra-curricular, but in school to be as best as I could,” he said.  

He’s a straight A student, in the top 10 in his class, and plans to go to college and become a doctor.

“Get an undergraduate in some pre-med degree and then go to med school," he said.

During his time as an underclassman, Cayden had issues with his knee. He said it was the way his doctor interacted with him that inspired him to want to be a doctor.

“I met this awesome orthopedic surgeon who specialized in the knee and I thought he was the coolest guy, and so I was like, ‘I want to be that when I grow up,’” he said.

Cayden kept himself busy his senior year. He signed up for 7 accelerated classes, joking that it might have helped save him from doing chores at home.

“I’ve always just wanted to try and make my parents as happy as possible, and I don’t like doing chores, so the straight As definitely helped," he said.

He is the middle child of 10 and has enjoyed helping his younger siblings with school work. Cayden is beyond proud of one of his sisters – currently at Carver – who seems to be following in his academic footsteps. 

“It makes me feel nice that she is taking care of what she needs, and I might have been that motivation that pushed her to do that,” he said.

Cayden is a descendant of the Northern Cheyanne Native American tribe. He has family that still lives on the reservation in Montana. His family lineage brings him pride every day.

“I sort of had motivation from my parents, but it was just an internal, ‘I want to be as good as possible,’ and it doesn’t have to be taking all these accelerated classes or being number one, I’m close to top 10 and I feel like I have done great in high school. You don’t have to try and be the best, but it’s just the work you put in, and it can get you so far,” he said.

He hopes others can find a similar path as him at Edison.

“It’s just so easy to make friends here, everybody is just so open and you fit in really well,” he said.

Cayden said he'll miss the hot days practicing in the marching band and the thrill of winning Academic Bowls, but, more than that, he'll miss the Edison culture.

“I think I will miss most just being a teenager, I pretty much grew up here - look a lot different than when I first started going here, so I think I’ll just miss the connection to the school,” he said.