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The Edison pom squad performs at the school

Grant Contributions Needed

Edison is geographically and architecturally the only one of its kind in Tulsa. Edison students are connected by curriculum, special events, and programs and enjoy a sense of school commitment and pride from grade six through grade twelve.

The Edison Preparatory Foundation, since its inception has supported many programs and given back to the classroom and its students. Please support Edison with your tax-deductible gift. We welcome all alumni contributions, employer-matched gifts, corporate donations, and foundation for grants contributions.

As we move into a new school year, it is apparent the need for supplementing our classrooms are necessary. Edison would not benefit from many special equipment and classroom needs without our foundation.  Please email for any donation possibilities.



Grant Information

Grant Types

  • Faculty/Student Enrichment: Provides funds for faculty, students, and administrators to participate in seminars and workshops where they can improve their skills.
  • Artist/Specialist in Residence: Brings artists/specialists to the students to demonstrate and share knowledge as well as to inspire and foster enthusiastic attitudes.
  • Specialized Equipment: Acquires equipment and material to enhance student learning.
  • Designated Gifts: Gifts can be given to the foundation with restrictions that specify the department or activity to be funded.


Grants are awarded to projects that enhance the learning experience of students and provide continued excellence at Edison. The goal of the foundation is to assist, facilitate, and develop innovative programs that improve the curriculum and to provide financial assistance for Edison students, continuing education for faculty and physical improvements to the school.

Funding Cycle

The Foundation will consider grant applications twice a year. All grants for consideration must be placed in the Foundation mailbox, located in the main office, on or prior to the following due dates of the current year:

  • November 15
  • May 1


  • A proposal must be submitted in writing and bear the signatures of the principal and department chair.
  • It should include a description and justification that a layman can understand.
  • It should be cost effective.
  • It should support classroom activities.
  • It should support activities that cannot be funded by the school district funds.

Contact Us

Edison Preparatory School
2906 E. 41st St. 
Tulsa, OK 74105

Our Mission

The Edison Foundation’s mission is to enhance each student’s educational experience through grants for classroom materials, informative programs and continuing education programs for Edison teachers. These grants enable educational opportunities and programs that would not be available due to budget constraints in the public school system.