MS Student Council
MS Student Council Constitution


This organization shall be known as the Thomas A. Edison Preparatory Middle School Student Council.


We, the students of Thomas A. Edison Preparatory Middle School, in order to promote a spirit of unity, to provide a means of expression of student opinion, to better our understanding of the democratic process, to endorse institutional involvement and pride, and to improve the general welfare of the school, do hereby form ourselves into this council.


SECTION 1.      The Student Council shall consist of the officers, one representative from each first hour, a teacher sponsor, and members at large to be determined from application. 

SECTION 2.      Each member shall have one vote, except for the President, who will vote only in the case of a tie, and the sponsor, who serves only as an advisor to the council.

SECTION 3.      All representatives shall be elected within their respective first hour and serve a term of one school year. Representatives must meet all OSSAA eligibility requirements.


SECTION 1.      The President of the Student Council shall reserve the right to appoint chairmen, based on application, for committees:


SECTION 1.      The elections of Student Council officers shall be held in the fall.

SECTION 2.      Any student filing for office must meet eligibility requirements set forth by the OSSAA at the time of filing and on the day of election.

SECTION 3.      All members of the Student Council may vote.

SECTION 4.      Additional rules and procedures shall be explained in the bylaws of the council.


SECTION 1.      The Student Council shall meet bi-monthly at a designated meeting time and place.

SECTION 2.      A majority of the total membership of the council must be present in order to have a quorum and, thus, an official meeting.

SECTION 3.      Parliamentary procedure as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed in meetings of the Student Council.


SECTION 1.      The officers of the council shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

SECTION 2.      The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the council, to appoint all committees unless otherwise provided for, and to confer with the administration on points of contention.

SECTION 3.      The duties of the Vice-President shall be to assist the President and to preside in his absence.

SECTION 4.      The duties of the Secretary shall be to record the minutes of the meetings and to keep accurate records of the activities of the council.

SECTION 5.      The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep accurate, fiscal records of the expenditures of the council, and to serve as the council’s representative on the Board of Control.

SECTION 6.      Each office shall be held for the duration of one school year.

SECTION 7.      An officer may be removed from office for failure to uphold his duties within the council, consistent ineligibility with regard to OSSAA guidelines, or by any reason deemed proper and necessarily justified by the administration in order to maintain the high standards upheld within the council. 


SECTION 1.      This Constitution shall be ratified by a majority vote of the student council.


SECTION 1.      Amendments to this Constitution shall be ratified by a majority vote of the Student Council.
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