Science Fair

October  2009

Dear Parents and Students,

     The purpose of this letter is to let you know about this year’s Science Exposition at Edison Preparatory School.  Our school science exposition (Science Fair and Inventor’s Exposition combined) is scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2010, but your child is already preparing for this event.  Currently, your child is engaging in various hands-on and problem-solving activities, inquiry investigations, and library/internet research.  In this manner, your child is acquiring background information about a topic of his/her interest.  You may have noticed that science education at Edison West follows the National Standards and Benchmarks.  The curriculum utilizes a kit rotation with materials meeting the Oklahoma P.A.S.S. skills included in the kits for each 6th, 7th, or 8th grade level.  Your child’s science teacher incorporates Science Exposition preparations into the grade level kit activities.

The Edison West science staff embraces the following tenets:

  • Children learn best in an inquiry-centered environment that challenges them to build on their previous knowledge and skills.
  • Assessments must reflect student knowledge and skills.
  • A science curriculum must offer students opportunities to apply newly learned concepts and skills to their everyday lives.
  • Science is integrated with other areas of the curriculum.

     Our Science Exposition continues to be an example of inquiry at its best.  Edison West leads the Tulsa Public Schools with quantity and quality of projects advancing to regional and state competitions.  Edison has nurtured many regional and state winners, and even a Grand Champion at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Canada several years ago.  Students will have a choice of experiments for our Science Exposition  Experimental Design competition, where an experimental question is posed and tested by the student.  Preparations for the Experimental Design competitions are being done in the science classroom.  Invention Design is a choice for students but these may not be considered for the Experimental Design competition because they are not allowed in the Tulsa Regional Science & Engineering Fair, to be held near the end of February, 2010.  However, your child may need some encouragement and support from you to complete this required project.  Your child should decide with you which event ( Experiments or Inventions) she/he wishes to participate in.  Both events are featured on the same January 27, 2010 date in the Edison M.S. girls gymnasium.  Only those projects meeting all standards on the grading rubric will be featured in the gymnasium competition, as determined by each child's Science teacher and the department of middle level Science teachers over-seeing the fair.  A grading rubric for each type of project, a Science Exposition Timeline, and other helpful information for you and your child are included in this booklet.  We hope that you will support your child and his/her science teacher with one of the inquiry-based projects, which will enhance her/his independent study of a topic of personal interest to him/her.  If you have any questions about science education, which follows a kit rotation at the middle school, or our Science Exposition, please contact your child’s science teacher or me, Deidra Wakeley.



 Deidra Tree Wakeley, Science Department Chair

Exposition Information
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