Edison 6th Grade Team Syllabus
“To those searching for truth . . . discipline is required.”
-- Thomas Edison

We look forward to a successful year with your children. Our goal is to build unity and to help develop a celebration of knowledge for your students’ first year of secondary education. YOU are your child’s first teachers, and we look forward to sharing their successes with you. Please make a special note on the following important points of information.

Communication with teachers:
• Classroom instruction is not always conducive for visiting with you about your student. Please know that the internet is the preferred way of communicating. Our e-mail addresses are listed to the left.

School website: http://edison.tulsaschools.org
• Organization and communication are foremost skills in making the successful transition from elementary to middle schools. Please utilize the school’s website to find weekly assignments. Each teacher will update their web page at the beginning of each week and their pages can be found under the middle school faculty tab.

Grade Checks
• Parents were given passwords to access their student’s grade on PowerSchool at schedule pick-up. You can find the link to PowerSchool at www.tulsaschools.org , under “Parents” and then “Power School”. Occasional paper grade printouts may be given by individual teachers or can be requested by the parent at any time.

• Please call 6th grade counselor,  Kim Byrd (746-8603) to schedule a conference. Parent/ Teacher Conferences are offered twice a year, in October and March. You do not have to schedule a conference on those days but the exact dates and time for Edison will be announced early in those months.

• In the process of teaching students to be responsible and organized, they are provided one calendar/planner by the school. They are required to write their weekly assignments on the first day of the week for each class in their planner.
• Students are to write their weekly homework plans in the appropriate spaces. This may be a graded assignment and will be checked periodically.

Make up Work
When a student is absent, he or she should:
• Copy the assignments from the board.
• Ask the teacher for any papers needed.
• Complete and return any missed assignments to the teacher according to the school’s absence policy, “Students will be allowed one day for each day absent to make up work missed.” This stands true unless the assignment is a ‘special project’ and had been given more than one weeks notice for completion. In this instance, the assignment is due upon their return to class.

Late Work Policy:
LATE WORK STATEMENT (Not due to explained absences)
*** Work that is not turned in on time will be subject to a deduction of up to 50 % off the earned grade for a small amount of time. After that, it is the teacher’s discretion as to whether any credit will be given. Please check PowerSchool and the teachers’ websites to help students stay current on assignments.

I.D. Badges:
ID Badges must be worn by all students while in the Edison Building. All students are subject to school policy everyday. ID Badges should be WORN above the waist and undefaced, preferably around the neck on a lanyard.

Tardies and Uniform Policy:
All students are subject to the school tardy and uniform policy.
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