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Brief Note of Introduction
This guide contains some of the information parents and students want to know.  This is strictly an informal guide, subject to change, and not meant as the ultimate authority on any particular topic.  You are urged to consult the appropriate administrators or faculty members with any questions you might have…but at least you’ll have an idea of where or with whom to start.


Follow the link for a complete list of clubs and organizations with the meeting times and places plus the sponsoring teachers name and contact email.More

Middle School Sports

Athletic Director—Michelle Adamson, 746-8528More

Contact Information

Address - 2906 E. 41st St., Tulsa OK 74105
Edison Main Number - 746-8500
Middle School Office - 746-8610
Middle School Fax - 746-8511
Website - edison.tulsaschools.org
Within the website, you may want to consult the Important Dates for2011-12 School Year, Summer Reading Lists, Summer Math Activities, Middle School News (the 6th grade in particular), teacher's individual websites and link to PowerSchool.

Title                                                                   Name                               Phone #
Principal                                                           Derrick Schmidt              746-8500
Assistant Principal for Instruction                   Dr. Judith Holt                 746-8547
Assistant Principal for Student Services         Wilbert Harris                  746-8607
Assistant Principal for Student Services          Steve Skeie                     746-8608
6th Grade Counselor                                         Lillie McKittrick            746-8603
Attendance Clerk (Must report absences by 9:20) Vickey Addington    746-8513
Athletic Director                                              Michelle Adamson          746-8528
PTSA President for 2010-11                            Roberta Clark
Foundation President                                        Leslie Rowlands
Health Clerk                                                     Amy Hatfield                   746-8602
Cafeteria Manager                                            Robin Butcher                 746-8626
Librarian                                                           Robin Leach                    746-8585
Receptionist                                                      Phyllis Gilliam                746-8500
Middle School Office                                       Ruby Garrett                    746-8610


Effective with the 2006-07 school year, all TPS Middle School students will be required to wear uniforms. Student uniforms can be purchased from any vendor as long as they meet specific requirements listed below. Parents can order many approved items from French Toast by calling 1-800-373-6248 or ordering online at www.FrenchToast.com(Edison source code is QS5HSVG). Students can pick and choose which items they need; no single item is required for purchase. The Uniform Closet near Southroads and C&J Uniforms in Fontana carry Edison uniform items.
• Short & long sleeve white or Edison green jersey knit collared polo-style shirts (logo optional) (2-3 buttons only!)
• Short & long sleeve white, Edison green, or khaki oxford shirts
• Short & long sleeve white camp shirts for girls (pockets, button front, collared & semi-fitted)
• Edison green or white crew neck or hoodie sweatshirts
• Edison green polar fleece jackets
• Only plain white T-shirts can be worn as undershirts

•Khaki or black pants (no cargo style), Capri pants, shorts (fingertip length or longer), and box pleat skirts (3 inches from floor when kneeling or longer)
• Edison plaid kick pleat skirts (3 inches from floor when kneeling) or skort (fingertip length or longer); purchase at a local uniform store

• White, black, khaki, Edison green crew or ankle socks; white or Edison green knee socks; and black or white tights

No particular style of shoe is required; No denim is allowed. All shirts must be tucked in at the waist. Students must not write on their uniforms.

Spirit Items

The Grade Level Classes sell Edison Hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) which can be worn everyday as part of the uniform as a fundraiser in the fall. They take orders and deliver them at school. Student Council,Cheerleaders and other organizations sell various items throughout the year. If you see something you like, ask the organization’s teacher representative or a student member when it will be offered for sale.


There is a bike rack on northwest side of the middle school building. The crosswalk for 41st Street is also at the west end. Students need to bring locks for their bikes, and they are responsible for any damage or theft.

Bus Routes and Procedures

Schedule Pick Up

Parents must fill out required forms and provide proof of residence before schedules can be picked up. Training on Power School will be provided in the media center.
There will be a supply list for 6th grade posted on the Edison Website. Some of these items may be specific to a teacher. You may purchase some of the supplies on the list ahead of time, but keep your receipts in case your student doesn’t need a specific item.
Usually, the teachers post wish lists for supplies needed on their door during Back to School Night. Some keep their lists up for a while. Most teachers don’t keep formal lists posted all year, but you can always ask for one. They will also be posted in the middle school newsletter.


Your student will be assigned a locker at during the first week. You will NOT need a combination lock for the locker. Your student will be given the combination that opens the lock which is part of the locker.

Student IDs

All students are required to wear photo Student ID badges at all times. ID’s can be made at Schedule Pick-Up on August 13 in High School Room 24 (Ms. Wallace). The first one is free. If it is lost or damaged, new ones are $5. You won’t get another free one until 9th grade.

Bell Times

School starts at 9:10 am. The first bell rings at 9:05. When the bell rings at 9:10, the students are expected to be in their first hour classroom or be counted tardy. They are not allowed in the hallways before school until 9:00. 6th grade students arriving any earlier than9:00 are supervised in the gymnasiums and must wait quietly until they are released at 9:00.
During the day the bell will sound for each change in class. The students have five minutes to get to their next class. At the end of that five minutes, the tardy bell will sound. The final bell rings at 4:00 to signal the end of the school day.
For a complete breakdown of the daily schedule, use the "More" link.

Tardy/Absence Procedure

If you’re tardy, report to the attendance clerk at the front office before heading to class. If you are absent, a parent must call before 9:20 that day or within 48 hours of the absence.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

The easiest and most efficient way to drop off your student in the mornings is to use the circle drive that goes behind the school. You may enter the drive off Florence Ave. and proceed to the southwest end of the building. There is a sidewalk that leads to the back door. The only other entrance for the middle school is the main office.

If your student arrives at school before 9:00 am., he/she will need to go to the gymnasiums upon arrival. No students should be in the hallways until 9:00. (At the beginning of the school year, there will be a teacher there to direct the students to the gymnasiums.)
DO NOT drop your student off in front of the school by stopping on 41st St. This is dangerous for the student as well as other drivers. To pick up your student after school, you may come early and park in the west parking lot, or in the parking lot by 41st next to the main office on the west side, or get in the line on the circle drive behind the school and pickup your child on the west end of the building.


Lunch time: 11:15—12:35 p.m.

Students can purchase lunch at the cafeteria or bring lunch from home. Lunch can be purchased with cash or by using your student I.D. as a debit card. In order to use your I.D., you must have money in your account. You can bring a check in to the cafeteria in the morning before school then every time you buy lunch using your I.D. your account will be debited. When your account is low, the cashier will tell you to bring money for your account. There are three cafeteria lines. They offer the main entrée, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and pizza. There is a snack line where you can get chicken strips, pizza,etc. There are also water/juice machines, and a snack machine.


Edison encourages visitations by parents, guardians and interested citizens. Please consult the Student Handbook for guidelines for visitors. Visitors must check in at the front office. Parents should contact grade level counselors to arrange meetings with teachers.


Edison MS Teachers list their homework assignments on their personal page on the Edison website. Middle School Faculty is broken down according to grade. Sometimes a 6th grade student will have a teacher who usually has 7th or 8th grade students the rest of the day but also has one 6th grade class so you may need to find that faculty's page under a grade other than 6th.
Edison teachers post on PowerSchool information regarding whether your student is completing and handing in his/her assignments plus the results of any test or quiz scores. You can get your student's password from the front office. Don't expect your student's records to be updated daily--most teachers update them no more than once per week.

Progress Reports/Report Cards

Official district progress reports are issued after the 5th week of school in each quarter. Parents will be able to see daily grades on Power School. Grade Slips are sent by your student to your home at the end of each quarter. A calendar is posted on the website denoting the beginning and end of each quarter. Parents will pick up 4th quarter grade card at the school. (Date to be announced)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are held once in the Fall and once in the Spring. You do not make appointments with the teachers for these conferences. They have time blocked on 2 days for these conferences.Your student should give you a list of their classes with the teacher and room numbers. You then visit each room to talk with that teacher.Please keep conferences short (no more than 10 minutes) so that all parents will have the opportunity to talk with the teachers. If there is a problem that needs a longer discussion, set up an appointment with that teacher to discuss the issue.

Science Fair/Invention Convention

The Science Fair and Invention Convention(or the Science Exposition as it’s sometimes called) is held in the 3rd quarter every year. Information is sent to parents and students in November, advising them of a timetable and providing the ground rules. Students may elect to participate in either the Invention Design program, where a product will be designed and tested, following rules patterned after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s rules for granting patents (e.g. it must be new, useful and non-obvious) or the Experimental Design program (required for Accelerated Program students), where an experimental question is determined and tested by the student.

Community Service

Community service hours are required of all students of Edison Preparatory School. The number of hours required increases with each grade, with 100 hours required for high school graduation. Sixth graders are required to record at least 10 hours by the end of the school year. Forms may be obtained from your child’s reading teacher. The forms must be signed by the person overseeing the service work and returned to the reading teacher for recording. Any volunteer work for which the student does not receive compensation is eligible. There is a limit to the number of hours which can be recorded by a parent or guardian. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to earn extra service hours at school, including collection drives, supply donations, volunteering at school functions, etc. Any questions regarding community service can be answered by the 6th grade counselor, Mrs. McKittrick.


Volunteers are a vital part of the success of our school. Your volunteer time is very important to Edison in that it helps us realize our vision to ensure that all students in Tulsa Public Schools are successful by having parent and community volunteers available to provide the necessary support system for students who need help and for successful school activities and events. Please contact the PTSA volunteer coordinator to let them know you are interested in volunteering and obtain a volunteer application and security check form or just follow the above link. (You only have to fill out the form once then you sign a re-certification form every year after that.) Event sponsors, grade representatives and committee chairpersons may also ask you fill out the form if you don’t have one on file.

It would also be very helpful to have a sign-in sheet at meetings and events to keep track of names of volunteers and hours worked so that Edison can include those in our monthly report to Tulsa Public Schools. This information can be left in the PTSA mailbox marked ATTN: Edison PTSA Volunteer Coordinator and it will be processed with the regular reports to Tulsa Public Schools. Please keep track of your individual volunteer hours and turn them in on a regular basis. Working in the school, at home on projects, attending school PTSA or committee meetings or planning events counts as volunteer time and should be included.

Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

The Edison PTSA is an organization which promotes the welfare of children and youth in the home, school, community, and place of worship. Its goals include raising the standards of home life, securing adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth and to bring into closer relation the home and the school in order that parents, teachers and students may cooperate intelligently in the education of youth and children.

It costs $5 to join the Edison PTSA. Fundraisers during the year generate monies to fund various student activities and enhance curriculum and enrichment opportunities. The PTSA publishes a newsletter semi-annually, and it's mailed to each student’s home address. Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Media Center.

Edison Foundation

The Thomas A. Edison Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to provide funding for continued excellence in education at Edison Preparatory School. All monies contributed are deposited into the Foundation and used to provide financial assistance for classroom curriculum and educational supplies, continued education for faculty,departmental needs, and physical improvements to the school. Everyone is encouraged to join the Foundation. Meetings are held the 2ndTuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Media Center.


Sixth Grade Fund

Each grade is responsible for raising funds for their class. Funds stay with the class (in an acct called Class of 2017) through 12th grade and are used mainly to fund Class of 2017 activities and 8th/12thgrade graduations. The class of 2017 needs to hold fundraisers to begin building their account. Fundraisers need to be approved by the Middle School Principal, Dr. Holt.

Spring Market

This fundraiser was started in April of 2003, with 73 vendors participating in the arts and crafts festival. Over 100 vendors participated in 2009. Monies raised are deposited into the Edison PTSA and used to fund the PTSA budget and provide funding for various needs throughout Edison. There are several ways you can help: join the planning committee, sign up as a vendor, sign up vendors from the community, and/or volunteer the day of the event.

Paper Recycling

There are two green and yellow paper recycling bins located on Edison property (one behind the High School and one in the Middle School West parking lot). Edison PTSA receives proceeds from this recycling program. Newspaper, junk mail, magazines, school & office papers,etc. are accepted (no phone books or cardboard!). Payment is based on weight -- so SAVE THE TREES and recycle!

Box Tops for Education
General Mills supports education through this program by donating 10cents for every box top turned in. Hundreds of products are eligible. Look for the box top label on General Mills cereals and Pillsbury,Green Giant, Yoplait, Betty Crocker, and El Paso products. A collection bin is located in the Middle School office.

Labels for Education
Campbell's supports education through this program by providing free educational merchandise, including computers, sports equipment, and musical instruments for labels collected. Eligible products include: Campbell soups, Prego, Franco American, V8, Swanson, and Pepperidge Farms products. Save the front label on most products, clip the UPC on others. Look for the "Campbell's Labels for Education" symbol on eligible packages. A collection bin is located in the Middle School office.