Note of Introduction
This is strictly an informal guide, subject to change, and not meant as the ultimate authority on any particular topic.  You are urged to consult the appropriate administrators or faculty members with any questions you might have…..but at least you’ll have an idea of where or with whom to start.
Freshman Guide

Contact Information

Contact Information

Address – 2906 E. 41st St., Tulsa OK 74105

 Edison Main Number 918-746-8500

Misc. contacts

Pati Hoffman – 746-8505 – High School Librarian
Amanda Meldrum – 746-8523 – High School Nurse
Tonnie Hayes – 746-8562 – Cafeteria Manager
Tony Daniels – 742-3182 – Athletic Director

Counseling Office

Patti Rayno  746-8535  Counseling Center Clerk
 Kim Thompson     746-8577        A-G  All Grades
Janet Stalcup-Smith   746-8542   H-N All Grades

Mary Whelan             746-8540     O-Z All Grades


Tardy/Absence Procedure

If a student is tardy, (not in the classroom when the bell rings), he/she must report to the Attendance Clerk at the front office to obtain a pass to get into class.  If a student is absent, a parent must call before 9:20 that day or within 48 hours of the absence. If the absence is due to a medical/dental appointment, a note from the Doctor/Dentist must be turned into the Attendance clerk for the absence to be excused.

Schedule Pickup

Important Dates to Remember

Student IDs

All students are required to wear photo Student ID badges at all times.  IDs can be made during Schedule pick-up in High School Room 24 (Ms. Griffin).  An ID (at no cost) is provided to 9th graders and new students during enrollment.  Any additional ID will cost $5.

Advisory/Activity Days


On Wednesdays during activity/activity period days, ALL students report to their advisory teacher for attendance purposes.  If the student has permission to attend an activity they may be released from class. Students need a club sticker on their ID to be released from class.


During advisory period, all students are to receive specified curriculum with fidelity.  Curriculum is documented in Power School.



Lockers are assigned during the first week of school.  The student gets to choose what locker he/she wants.  Each teacher is responsible for the bank of lockers outside their classroom.  The student just tells the teacher which locker they want and the teacher will tell them if it is available.  If it is, the student will fill out a locker assignment form and turn it back in to that teacher. As of fall 2010, students no longer need a combination lock for their locker because the locks are part of the lockers.

Morning Arrivals

All HS students are to go to the HS cafeteria if they enter the school before 8:30am.  They will be released by a teacher around 8:20 - 8:25 to go to their lockers.

School Supplies

Teachers will let students know the first day of school what supplies are needed for their class. A notebook (or binder or spiral) and a pen/pencil should be taken with the student on the first day.


High School students may park in the parking lot on the southeast side of the school. (bordered by Florence Ave. and the baseball field) Cars must be registered with the school and the Edison Parking Permit displayed on their car.  Check in the front office for the form to obtain a permit.


Edison teachers post assignments on their personal faculty page .  The hs faculty departments are listed on the left hand side of the page and then alphabetically under each department.  Teachers post grades on PowerSchool.  You can get your student's password from the front office.  Don't expect daily updates to your student's record--most teachers update their records about once per week.  Updates as to when the system is operative and how parents/students can access it can be found on the PowerSchool homepage.

Clubs and Organizations

There are numerous clubs/organizations for High School students to become involved with. The Class Board is composed of the class officers and other students who want to be involved in planning and working on projects for their class. These clubs/organizations will usually meet during “Advisory Period” which is built into the schedule about every 2 weeks (usually the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month during 2nd and 3rd hours.)


Click on the link above for a list of clubs and organizations.


Incidental Grade Report

If a parent or student is concerned about grades between progress reports/report cards, the student can go to the counseling office to receive an incidental grade report form.  The student then has each teacher sign off on the form with their current grade.  Report cards are only issued at semester in HS.

Community Service

Edison Preparatory students are encouraged to complete community service hours. Students are encouraged to earn at least 25 hours per year. Students who complete 100 hours of community service are recognized during graduation. Hours earned in middle school can be counted toward these 100 hours. Forms may be obtained from Ms. Griffin in Room 24.  The forms must be signed by the person overseeing the service work and returned to Ms. Griffin for recording. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to earn extra service hours at school, including collection drives, supply donations, volunteering at school functions, etc.

Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

    The Edison PTSA is an organization which promotes the welfare of children and youth in the home, school, community, and place of worship.  It costs just $5 to join the Edison PTSA.  Fundraisers during the year generate monies to fund various student activities and enhance curriculum and enrichment opportunities. The PTSA publishes a newsletter semi-annually that is mailed to each student’s home address.  In addition, the PTSA sends out a weekly email update containing pertinent and up to date information regarding the school and its activities and events.  In order to receive the email update, you need to be on the email list for your student’s grade.  To be put on the email list go to the Edison website go to “Parents” then “PTSA” then “Grade reps” and click on the email liaison for your student’s grade. 
    The grade representatives for your class are a great place to start when you have questions about Edison or anything related to Edison.  If they don’t have an answer, they can usually find the answer or direct you to the people who should have the answer.
     PTSA meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Media Center.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

High School Events

Dances – There is usually a back to school dance the first week of school, sponsored by the Student Council and held in the cafeteria. Other dances during the year will be publicized to the students with specific dates, etc.
Homecoming –Each class builds a float, then the floats are lined up at school and driven around the back drive for a parade followed by a pep assembly.  This is all part of the competition between the classes during Homecoming week. In the class board meetings, the students come up with an idea for the float related to the theme decided upon by Student Council. The students are responsible for building the float, with a small amount of guidance from the parents. The Homecoming court (Queen and class representatives) are nominated from the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades and voted on by the whole High School.
Jingle Bell Ball – Held in December. Everyone in High School can attend.  This is a high school dance sponsored by the Student Council and usually held at the Allen Chapman Center at TU.  Students need to purchase tickets in advance in Rm. 24 or from Leadership students. When students purchase tickets, they will receive an information sheet containing information about dress code and reminders—i.e., no tickets sold at door, everyone must arrive by 9:15 —no one admitted after that time, etc.    No IDs are necessary but you must have your ticket.  This is for Edison students, but if you want to bring a date from another school you will need to pick up a registration form in room 24.  This form must be completed and returned and approved before you can buy the tickets.  Deadline to return this registration form for a guest will be published.  There will be several Edison faculty chaperones as well as 3 Edison security guards and 2 TU guards
Rules for all dances are in effect - no leaving and re-entering, no outside food or drink, etc.  A photographer will be available for formal pictures. (for party pics the student may want to bring their own camera)
Dress code for dance:  Semiformal: for girls, short or long dress.  For boys you will see some suits, some tuxedos, and some khaki pants with sport coat and tie.  NO jeans or athletic shoes are allowed.  No glitter on body or in makeup (TU rule for cleanup purposes).
Leadership Lock-in – Usually held in January. Class officers, student council officers, and really anyone else that wants to, can attend.  This is an all night lock-in in the gym with team building exercises, brainstorming for Edison week, and just a lot of fun and games.  You sign up with Gayle Wallace.
Edison Week – The highlight of the year for most students, Edison Week is a special time at Edison when the high school celebrates Thomas Edison's birthday with a week of fun events. The week is full of activities and competitions between the classes (for points). Student Council works hard to come up with new themes and games for this week. Students should receive a packet of information with a schedule of events for Edison Week.
    During the day, there are multiple events (or competitions) where the 9th graders will compete against the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes, and the teachers.  Everything counts towards points for your class and the class with the most points will be announced at the end of the week. If a student would like to participate in an event, he/she must sign up for that event with Ms. Rabovsky, the Freshman sponsor. (Her room is #45 across from the counselors' offices.) Ms. Rabovsky will give the student a pass to get out of class to compete.  Only the competitors are allowed out of class and must have a pass. Anyone may compete that first registers with Ms. Rabovsky.
This is one week when dressing up in costume is the norm!! The more creative, the better!!  The week culminates in the Superlative Assembly held on the last day. Dress in Sunday clothes (and yes, most of the students DO dress well that day) An assembly is held this day to announce winners of all events, Mr. and Miss Edison, and the superlative winners for each class. Attendance at this assembly is gained by participating in an Edison week event prior to the assembly.  These students will be given a ticket for the assembly that morning during 1st hour. (Dressing in costume appropriate to the theme of the day counts as participation).
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