Concurrent Enrollment Information

We are now enrolling for Tulsa Community College concurrent enrollment courses for fall of next year.

Courses that are available are: American Federal Gov’t, College Algebra, Speech, and Nutrition.

Come to counseling center to enroll and for requirements.



These courses are available to rising Juniors and Seniors.

How to Enroll

“I am a junior or a senior. I have met all of the graduation requirements. I am interested in enrolling in one or two college courses while I am still in high school. How do I make it happen?”

Step 1          Edison Registrar

Request an official transcript from Edison’s Registrar. The transcript must include an ACT or SAT score to concurrently enroll in college.

Step 2          Edison Counselor

Meet with your Edison counselor to confirm that you meet all of the graduation requirements. Bring your official transcript to this meeting. This meeting must happen more than five days before the beginning of the semester to concurrently enroll in college.

Step 3          College

Enroll in the college of your choice. You will need your transcript and the college’s concurrent enrollment form. You will be responsible for all of the college’s fees. When you pay for your tuition, hold on to the receipt the college gives you.

Step 4          Edison Counselor

During this second appointment with your Edison counselor, you will give them your tuition receipt, drop Edison classes, and sign a contract with Edison. If you enroll in one college class, you will attend 5 Edison classes. If you enroll in two college classes, you will attend 4 Edison classes. The contract that you will sign with your Edison counselor, states that you will not drop a college class without notifying Edison first.

Step 5          College

Throughout the semester, do your best! In order to continue concurrent enrollment for a second semester, you must earn a C or higher in all of your college classes and passing grades in all of your Edison classes.

Step 6          Edison Counselor

At the end of the semester, a copy of your college and Edison grades must be brought to your Edison counselor. You can not enroll in another semester of concurrent enrollment if this meeting does not happen more than five days before the beginning of the semester.

This step by step process is NOT flexible. If it is not completed as outlined BEFORE the beginning of each semester, a student will be enrolled in a regular, full day schedule at Edison.

If you have additional questions regarding concurrent enrollment, please contact your Edison counselor.

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